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Ts & Cs


For the safety of all our guests there are certain requirements that need to be met before your doggy child can join our pack.

Please note: We accept only small dog breeds for care.



1.1   Right of admission reserved.

1.2   As dogs are accommodated without caging the Dog Hotel accepts no responsibility for illness, injuries sustained or any other problems which may occur during a dog’s stay.

1.3   The premises has been very well secured to stop dogs leaving the premises, but should it happen that a dog does manage to get out and is lost, the Dog Hotel accepts no responsibility.

1.4   Whenever the owner of the dog is out of reach, the Dog Hotel is authorized by the owner for making a decision concerning the dog’s well-being.


2.1   Aggressive dogs, dogs in a habit of straying, climbing fences and sickly dogs will not be accepted.

2.2   A vaccination certificate for the first and subsequent annual vaccinations must be presented when the dog is booked in.


3.1   Daily attention is given to the well-being of dogs. For full grooming facilities, the owner has to make an appointment in advance at a doggy parlour.


4.1   Quality dog food is provided in the morning and late afternoon.

4.2   Fresh water is always available.


5.1   Rate is per day and according to a dog’s body weight – it can be adjusted any time.

5.2   Visiting a vet during a stay, is for the owner’s account. If paid by the Dog Hotel, the owner is responsible for the vet’s account when the account for accommodation is settled. Cost of transportation to a vet as well as an administration fee will be payable by the owner.


6.1   Unless the owner specifically advises the office that someone else will be collecting the dog, the dog will not be released.

It would be advisable for the owner to give the name and contact number of the person who will be collecting the dog on their behalf.