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About Canine Kanaän Dog Hotel and Daycare for Small Dog Breeds

Since 2002, Canine Kanaän in Bloemfontein, has cared for your beloved pets when you go on holiday and need a safe place for them to stay. We are located close to Heuwelsig and Tempe Military Base.

Dog Care Services for Small Dog Breeds

At Canine Kanaän we pride ourselves in dog care service that we provide to your doggy child. Here you will not find any kennels as our visitors roam freely and have the opportunity to socialize with all the other dog visitors here.

We have plenty of room where your dog can bark and play to their hearts’ content. Due to the nature of our hotel and daycare, we can unfortunately only accommodate small breed dogs up to the size of about 40 cm tall.

Loving and taking care of your loved ones are both our PLEASURE and PRIORITY.


Our rates are personalized based on your dog’s weight, ensuring fair and tailored pricing.

For inquiries and a quote, please reach out to us via email or call us at 072 116 9194.

What We Provide

  • Quality Dog Food: We understand the importance of a nutritious diet, and we provide top-quality dog food to keep your furry friend healthy and satisfied.

  • Futons and Blankets: Comfort and coziness are essential. Your dog will enjoy soft futons and blankets for a good night’s sleep.

  • Bowls for Food and Water: We offer convenient and clean food and water bowls, ensuring that your pet’s needs are always met.
“Excellent service. My Dogs Adore the OWNER!”

“Friendly service! A great place for my dogs. Highly recommended.”